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    Rescue Links...
  If you are wanting to adopt a wonderful, loving
pug who is in dire need of a good home where
he/she can live out their remaining days like a
pug should: with lots of love and attention, caring,
and TREATS, please read this page and look for
the rescue organization nearest you.

                      Tampa Bay Pug Club Rescue
Tampa, Florida

Pugworld Rescue
Anywhere in the USA
Pages of links to rescue
organizations all over the US

            Good Luck! And, Thanks for thinking Rescue!
  When you have located the rescue organization near you, please contact them
and ask if they have a waiting list. Please take the necessary steps to get on
their waiting list. This may involve some paperwork, a home interview and
some waiting. Please be patient, and be thankful that there are more people
waiting to rescue pugs, than there are pugs out there waiting to be rescued.

If you would like to contribute to helping get each rescued pug a new leash and halter, by buying a beautiful necklace for your furbaby, please click on the paw prints or the necklace to go to the necklace page.
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