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The Masai
The Masai tribe occupies Eastern Africa.  They speak Maa an eastern Nilotic language.  The tribe is mostly nomadic, living off of a diet of meat, and milk. Their cattle provide them skin for clothes and dung to seal their homes.  Their cattle also show their wealth or posistion in the tribe.
Each family uses brandings and ear slits to identify their cattle from others in the tribe.  The tribes live in small clusters called kraals made of sticks held together by cow dung.  The kraals also serve as huts for their cattle.  The Masai tribes are usually separated into five age groups, ranging from child, warrior and eventually senio
r elder.  The Masai tribe beleives in one god,     Engai, who blesses them with children and cattle.
The Masai tribes are known for their disinterest in the colonization of Africa.  Despite their efforts, they have been moved to reservations in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania.  They are still nomadicm\, despite the governments efforts to settle them.
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