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Annual super bowl party
XXXGirls onlyXXX
Our only real chance to act like guys!!
Bath High's 98' graduation. congradulations Ashley and Carrie!!!!!!!
nothing but a pool side bum
Anna, Sarah and Becca, friends for life!!!!  Daytona Beach, Memorial Day weekend, 99'
It's all about Baskin Robbins and the ice cream!!!!!!!!!
summer of 99'
My Michigan years:)
Go Colonial!!
Aimee and Adam at super bowl party 00'
Sara, Holly, Jenny and Sarah before 99' graduation
Group shot
Go Colonial!!!!!
Anna, Sarah and Josh
Guys at Homecoming 99'
Anna, Sarah and Justin.
superbowl party 00'
Girls at Cheer Clinic 99'
Fishing with Jenny and her dad!  I caught a fishy!
best friends for life!!
chs homecoming 99'
Sarah and Patti.
Homecoming 99'