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Papa William
Papa William is a rescue pug who came to us from the Hillsborough County Shelter. He was running the streets, looking for love. When he is found clear of heartworms, he will be adopted to his forever home and family. William is a sweetie, who just wants to be loved.  Papa William has an old cornea injury to his left eye, and a bad cataract in his right eye. But he gets around pretty good. We're hoping that Papa William will be able to visit the opthamologist in the near future.
Sometimes, I am kinda shy
As soon as you get a chance, I need to go outside, please!!
OK !    I'm sitting down.     Now what?
Shhhhhhh !
Papa William is taking a nap !
Hey! What is THAT I see over there?
What are they doing in there?
I'm  making tracks for the house. I think it's dinner time !
I'm quite a handsome guy, doncha think?
I'm told I have the cutest smile.
Did somebody say it was "Dinnertime?"
Don't anybody else eat my food ! I'm coming!!
Hey! I am all clear on the heartworm now! YAY !!
And, I'm going home with my new family
This is me and my new family!
(I'm the cute one on the left) The other cutie patootie is my brother, JJ.
I have another brother now, named "Bizkit".  My new forever family is growing in leaps and bounds!
Hey!!!  This is my new brother, "Bizkit" !!
I love him to bits!
I got to stay at my new place for a week, while my foster mom was out of town, and me and Bizkit are"BESTBUDS!"
Here I am, at my new forever home, with one of my brothers. I'm the one on the left--
I mean, RIGHT!
My mom calls us "Dumb and Dumber. "     I wonder why.....
Now...this is my brother, Bizkit and my dad-who my mom calls "Dumbest". haha
I think "dad" has some pug back in his family tree somewhere. hehe
This is me and both my brothers, playing in the yard.

"Ring around the rosie"!
From my heart to yours.......
I would just like to say a big, extra special THANK YOU to Tampa Bay Pug Club Rescue and my special guardian angels, who watched over me and helped me to get out of the shelter, and made all those nasty heartworms go away. Now, thanks to all of you, I have a wonderful new life, with my new forever family!
"Papa William"
Bizkit and Papa William