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The original 3 muskateers!
Tiny Baby
My name is Tiny Baby. Although I am not a pug, I am very loved in my house, and am considered an honorary pug. Truly, I am a long haired chihauhau/dachsund. Cari is truly my mommy, but my gramma takes care of me, so I call her my mommy most of the time. I'm a good little angel, except when I make my gramma and sister mad because I like to bark at everything. But it's so much fun!  Lately my mommy and sissy found this squirt gun and I get wet every time I try to speak my mind about any thing, so I just hide under the computer desk :)  They get so mad!!!
Me and my buddy, Cocoa, takin' it easy on the back patio.
Finally, gramma found a picture of my beautiful tail!!
I'm really hiding behind this screen and peeking at you through the peep hole
It's true, I am just a little timid and shy
HEY!!! Who put paw prints on my page? Grrrrr...
My Gramma made me one of those fancy Furbaby Necklaces too!
I'm praying that you'll come back soon and look for more pictures of me and my family.
The Gang!!
I'm the one with the long nose!
This is my favorite thing to do on a lazy summer day.
I may have a long nose, but I'm the only one who can do this!!
This is me and my mom, Cari