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Geez, you guys!! This sun is bright!!
Come back and visit me often, because I'm going to have my picture taken alot, so you can see how much better I'm going to look than I do now! When I am all well and healthy again, I get to go to a permanent home where I can be loved forever. And then I will own a human of my own!!
Look how much better I look today than 5 weeks ago? Tomorrow I am supposed to meet my new adoptive parents. I'm so excited about it, I am looking all over for them!
Aren't I cute?
I'm proud to be a pug!
This is me and Cocoa. My best bud. Today is the day I go to my forever home. I'm sure going to miss Cocoa.
While I was sick and had to stay in a crate, Cocoa brought me his favorite beanie toys and we would play tug-o-war through the bars. We spend a lot of time now wrestling and running around the back yard.
My name is Spencer. I was rescued on September 21, 1999, from an animal shelter. How I ended up there, nobody knows. Now I live in Orlando, Florida with my foster mom, Carol, and my brothers and sisters, Cocoa, Otis, Pearl, and Tiny Baby. I know they love me, cuz they took me to see their nice doctor. He looked me all over, and gave me some medicine to get rid of this awful mange, gave me all the vaccinations I am supposed to have, and put me on anitbiotics.
As soon as I am stronger, I will have to have the  treatment for heartworms.
Now I get all kinds of nice food to eat, with lots and lots of yummy treats that are good for me, and lots of love and attention. I also get play time with any toy I want from the toy box!!
Spencer, the Rescue Pug
Check out this profile. Don't I have the cutest face?
I know the lighting is bad, but you have to admit, I am certainly looking good these days!
Well, it's been 4 weeks since I first came to live with Otis, Pearl, Cocoa and Tiny Baby. I have gained a few pounds, and worked a few of my muscles. I just had my 2nd treatment for the heartworm, and although I have to be kept kind of quiet, I am doing quite well. My mange is under control, and my hair is growing back. I'm turning into the beautiful black pug that I used to be.
And although I love my foster family, I am looking forward to going to live with my new adoptive parents. Soon...
This is my new mommy, Marilyn and my new daddy, Vinnie and my new sister, Baby. I'm going to my new home tonight!!
Today, Otis, Pearl, Cocoa and Tiny Baby came to my new house to play. We had a great time running around and getting treats! I hope in a couple of weeks my mom and dad can take me to a Pug Central Play Group
I would like to thank everyone for all their prayers and support they have had for me during my recovery. My new mom and dad promised to bring me back to see my foster family every now and then, because we live pretty close to them.     
     Thank you Tampa Bay Pug Club Rescue for rescuing me and giving me a new chance at a happy life!!
Always support the rescue clubs in your area to help other unfortunate little ones like me.
My foster mom let me sneak into the family portrait with my foster brothers and sisters. That's me in the back behind Cocoa.
One last run around the back yard before bed?
Now, I know I saw something moving over there. Is that a squirrel?