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This is me and my sweetie, Otis. Whatteryou lookin' at? HUH?
It's been a loooong day...
This is me at my Grampa's house in Michigan. I was only 6 mos. old here.
How about THIS ball?
Do you wanna play with this one?
Hey!  You're gonna come back, right? 
Cari, why did you yell at me? I was only walking on your face!
You wanna play ball, doncha? It's too late to say no.
I'm such a princess
I told ya he was my sweetie!
This is my most favorite ball in the whole world. Wanna play now?
I wasn't eating the wood chips...       Honest mom !!!!
Hey good lookin' got anything good to eat?
       My name is Pearl. I came to live with my mommy when I was only 6 weeks old. Back then, my mommy didn't know it was not a good idea to take a baby from their mommy that young. But I am so loved, and well cared for (spoiled, really) that I have always been a happy, healthy little pug. Otis thinks he rules this  house but I really make all the rules. Just don't tell  Otis!      He likes  to think of himself as "the man"!   Boys are so funny!!
Please don't forget to check out Tiny  and Cocoa's  photo albums, too!
Miss Pearl
Want a cool necklace like me and Otis got?
Our mom makes these necklaces, and sells them. Then she uses the money to buy rescue pugs a new harness and leash to go to their new home.Just click on our picture to go to the necklace page.

It's a really great ball...
Cocoa has been teaching me how to stick out my tongue!
This is my brother, Cocoa's pool. I don't see what the big deal is...
Now, THIS is the place to hang out!!
I don't have a THING to wear!!
Me and my brother, Cocoa, just hanging out in our favorite place
I told ya it was a great place to hang out!
I can even use it to clean my nose...but I don't!!