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I'm just laying in this basket, being very good and patient while Pearl and I become the proud parents of 5 beautiful children.
Baby and Otis Jr.
  Otis Jr., Minnie Pearl, Baby, Honey and Grunt (his name is Bugsy now)
                              Pretty Baby, Minnie Pearl and Otis Jr.
I''ll just close my eyes for a second, and then I can watch those kids from up here. This daddy stuff is hard work.
            Seems like I'm always picking up toys
I'm feeling mighty sporty in my leathers
Mr. and Mrs. Otis and Pearl
    First, I sharpen my teeth on this big bone.....And then I can growl and show my manly intimidation!! (I'm really just a big softy)
    Us, Mom? We didn't do anything...
We're angels, doncha know!

          Pearl, Cocoa, Tiny Baby and Otis
  Hey! My mom makes these neat necklaces for us furkids! You can get one too, by going to the necklace page and ordering one. All the money goes to rescue kids like us to buy new harnesses and leashes!
Click here to go to the necklace page
I'll be sooo sad if you don't come back and see me soon
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