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My name is Miribelle. I have had a rough start in life so far, in just my first twelve days. I was thrown in the dumpster with all my brothers and sisters and left to die. Two nice ladies, who who started "Compassionate Pug Rescue" (CPR) in Southeast Florida, saved the life of me and one of my sisters. Now, I live with my foster mom in Orlando.  another pug rescue lady. When I am bigger, I will get to go to my forever home.
I'd like to walk over there....but it's sooo far!
        I may be little, but I can still bite you!
So far, I'm holding my own!
        Ain't I cute?
      Of course I ate the WHOLE thing!!
HEY!  I think I smell food over here!!  And I think I can walk to it!
I'm sooo tired, could you please just lend me a hand?
While I eat, rest and get bigger, please come back and visit me often. My foster mom will take alot of pictures of me!
Then Miribelle tells her foster sister, Tiny Baby, and her foster brother, Cocoa, all about it.
  Miribelle tells her foster sister, Pearl, all about her adventures
        Miribelle heads for the house
Miribelle hangs out in her favorite spot, until she sees Cocoa!
              Now that she can walk pretty good, Miribelle searches for Cocoa to play
She sees Cocoa in the living room with the other kids.
Miribelle tells Cocoa,
"I Love You"

        Kisses first...
If you would like to make a contribution to my vet bills, which ran over $415.00, please email the Compassionate Pug Rescue (CPR)
Or, you can purchase a necklace for your furbaby, and specify that you want the money raised to go to Miribelle and her vet bills.
Click on the picture to go to the necklace page.
      Compassionate Pug Rescue