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Memorable Occasions
class of 2001 #1!!!!!!
leading over the seniors in the 99' game!
me and the guys!!  C/o 01 is #1!!!
Sarah and Mark before Homecoming
That one fun time at Wendy's!!!
Super Hero Day
Spirit Week
Boys will be boys!!
More of Super Hero Day
Powder Puff!!!
Sarah and Mark
My sophomore girls!!
Friends for life!!!!!
Sarah, Anna and Becca.  Memorial weekend!!!!
Homecoming 99'
Superbowl party 00'
Annual end of the year lunch at Rio Bravo!!!!
My good-bye party in Michgan.  I miss you guys!!!!!
girl power!!!!!
Sarah and Carlos, Homecoming 2000!!
The "Group"
Homecoming 2000.
The "High Rollers".
Homecoming 2000