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Lovey was born on February 14th, 2000. She was brought into a vet clinic by the man who had bought her from a local breeder. He didn't want to send her back to the breeder, because he feared she would be euthanized because of her condition.
Lovey's front legs never grew properly together. She walks around on her knees. The first surgery didn't do much for her problem. Lovey stayed at the vet clinic until this wonderful woman convinced them to let her take Lovey home with her.
As Lovey is in now living with her permanent family, (the same family who took Lovey home from the vets office, they are trying to raise the money to pay for her very expensive visits to the orthopaedic specialist and get her the surgery on her front legs she so desperately needs so she can walk on her legs.

Lovey just had surgery on her eyes. She had dry eye in one eye, and the other eye was merely being held in the socket by a mucus plug! She came through the surgery just fine, and now can see with no problems, and her eyes are as good as new.
Although Lovey gets around just fine walking on her knees, she
This is Lovey with Curly Joe and  the son of the woman who took Lovey out of the vet clinic and into her home. God Bless you !
If you can find it in your heart, and have a little extra this time of year to help with the cost of Lovey's expensive leg surgery, please contact the Carolyn Sanislo at: JSanislo@ Thank you in advance for your donation to the "Lovey Fund".
Pug Central is donating all the money from the sales of the calendars of "Rescue Pugs of the Southeast", (lovingly made by one of our members), and instead of buying gifts for our already spoiled furbabies, members will instead each bring an envelope containing their contribution to Lovey's medical bills.
Adorable Love Pugs courtesy of
* * * * Lovey Update * * *      December 08, 2000
The first surgery was done on Lovey by a vet tht wasn't an orthopaedic surgeon. This was done before she came to TBPCR. She has since been evaluated by an orthopaedic surgeon (who has rebuilt Greyhound legs) and he isn't sure he can help her. We are having her x-rays reviewed by 2 other orthopaedic surgeons before we will have to make a decision on her. In the mean time we are in the process of aquiring a wheel chair (cart) for her so she will be able to walk with her front knees off the ground. She will need this for some time,  even if and when she has the surgery.
We do want to thank all of you for your interest in Lovey. She is a wonderful loving little girl and it breaks my heart to see the way she has to get around.
                                                                      - Betty Keyes, TBPCR Rescue Chairperson
I know this picture is kind of dark, but this is my happy smile, in spite of the condition of my front legs!
And this is how I get around in the yard. I don't let it slow me down much, but the vet says it isn't good for my back or my hips.
This is the opposite of the "Tuck Butt & Run". I call it the "Bunny Hop"
I think I may need a little help here
This is me and my foster brother playing out in the yard. We have such a great time together! He's so gentle with me. I like that.
The grass is NOT always greener on the other side of the block. I can tell you THAT for sure! Besides, I got myself stuck and my foster mom had to pull me out of my predicament!!
I'm a little stinker sometimes! hehe
* * * New Pictures!! * * *
Lovey Update and New Pictures!!!  May 2001 
I finally got to get some loving from my Aunt Carol. She couldn't believe how small I was!!
And this is my very own cart, specially made for me! Look how straight my back is now!!
And this is my mom. I love her so much, and she loves me too!
This is me and my new friends:
Otis, Cocoa, Tiny Baby and Pearl.
(That's me on the right, with my new cart!)
"I promise to send some more pictures, as soon as my mommy gets them developed.Thanks for stopping by and seeing me walking in my new cart."
This picture and it's design was created for Lovey by a wonderful woman in Arizona, who wanted so bad to take Lovey in as one of her own. Thank you Kimber and the "Muffin Girl" for this beuutiful picture of Lovey.