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My name is Cocoa. I was found wandering the streets of Miami, Florida. A nice lady came and rescued me from euthanization, and 2 days later, my mom came and brought me home. I live in Orlando now, with my brother, Otis, and my 4 sisters, Pearl, Tiny Baby, Cari and Sarah.
Pool Time!!
  This is me in my new pool. I'm the only one who likes to play in it. I love to dive for carrot peices!  And I do not have a long  tongue!
I'm also the only one who can dive for toys underwater!
  Click on my footprint if you wanna order a cool necklace like I have on! My mom makes them and sells them to buy rescue pugs new leashes and harnesses.
Hey! Is that a treat right there?
            All that swimming made me tired.
I don't know why Pearl and Otis had to get married...
Did you say you had a treat for me?
I'll just wait here for a treat
            Maybe I'll wait here...and take a short nap while I'm waiting.
Can YOU do this?
Were you calling me mom?
  Hey! You're not leaving, are you?
The furbabies graphics are courtesy of:
Please come back and see me real soon, OK?
        And bring some TREATS, will ya?