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We are three adorable pugs and one long haired Chihuahua/Dachsund that live in Orlando, Florida with our Mom, Carol. We are members of Pug Central, A Central Florida Pug Play Group. Our mom is just learning how to  use her computer and make web pages, so she decided to make one so the whole world could see how beautiful we are.  Our mom joined a rescue group in Central Florida called Tampa Bay Pug Club Rescue. Unfortunately, our mom is no longer a member of that organization..
Fortunately, through the internet and this nice lady in Miami, Cocoa found us and is now a permanent member of our family.He was found wandering the streets of Miami and desperately needed a loving home             .
Cocoa, Pearl, Otis and Tiny Baby
Minnie Pearl lives with our Gramma and Grampa in Michigan
Our Family & Friends
Miss Pearl
Tiny Baby
Cari and Sarah
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1999 Photo Album
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This is our mommy and Otis, Pearl, Cocoa and Tiny Baby
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2000 Photo Album