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2000 Photo Album
The New Kids on the Block
Our New House !
Cocoa has gate duty
Otis guards the front door
While Pearl & Tiny Baby hold down the sofa
This is the last day in the back yard of our old house.
At the new house, we spend most of our time now checking out the neighborhood activities. We can see alot from the porch!
We get pretty excited when Mom comes home for lunch nowadays, which is every day!
And we let her know if she's late!!
Pearl lets Mom know if she's taking too long to get the door open too !!
Otis still loves his Auntie Sarah !
And everybody wants to go with Cari !
Sometimes, Pearl and Cocoa hang out together
Usually though, wherever Otis is, Pearl is close by.

They are soul mates.
Handsome Boy
Pretty Girl
Sweet Boy
Precious Tiny Baby
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